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"...with my PowerHog Backpack, I'm never at a loss."

Martial Arts has always been a huge part of my life, starting Judo when I was 6, moving on to Ju-Jitsu and then Kung-Fu at the age of 10.


A large part of my journey was spent mastering Kung-Fu and competing in Kickboxing tournaments; achieving my 2nd dan black belt at the age of 16, with my continued route in Kickboxing and Muay Thai earning me a 4th dan.


Martial arts teaches above all, discipline and respect, a pursuit I’d recommend and encourage everyone to take.

Continued daily practice is a routine I don’t like to break and the warrior backpack helps me continue my daily routine regardless of where I am; the consistency is a value I can’t emphasise enough.


During a trip to South Africa, I was staying in the middle of nowhere, with no access to a gym or equipment to help me vary my training regime, so I had to improvise to achieve my daily training needs. Armed with just my backpack and belongings I utilised the gear I had to provide a routine that satisfied strength and skill training, core work and stretching.

This helped my conceive my product idea and although the first incarnation wasn’t much to look at, I set to work on making a product that was both desirable as well as providing a much needed solution.


After three years of design, development & stress testing, (as well as a few bumps along the road) the first PowerHog model, The Warrior is available for purchase.

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Naomi Roberts

The Architect


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