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"...with my PowerHog Backpack, I'm never at a loss."

Fitness has always been a huge part of my daily routine and for me, time away from the gym used to mean losing out.

In the past, if I didn’t have time to go or couldn’t access a gym, to compensate I used to perform double the number of press-ups or sit-ups, but it never really hit the mark. Bodyweight exercises are great and need to be performed however, to achieve a truly good pump, sometimes you just need to lift.

During a trip to South Africa, I was staying in the middle of nowhere and had to improvise to achieve my daily fitness needs. Armed with just my backpack and belongings I utilised the gear I had to provide a routine that surprisingly did the job.

The first incarnation wasn’t much to look at, so I set to work on making a product that was both desirable as well as the solution to my problem.


After three years of design, development & stress testing, (as well as a few bumps along the road) the first PowerHog model (The Warrior) is ready for launch.


Now when I crave that positive feeling from training but I’m unable to go to the gym, with my PowerHog Backpack, I’m never at a loss.

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